Need a new kitchen splashback or a bathroom feature wall? Our picture tile murals can help.
Enjoy these photos of installed tile murals that were sent to us by some of our many satisfied clients. - BE INSPIRED!

Click on an image of an installed tile mural to see a LARGER image view of that tile project Because we have so many images to show you we have created multiple Gallery pages.

custom made picture tile murals
Hi So sorry this has taken so long. The tiler finished the job half and hour ago (yes Sunday – he has been working all weekend). The kitchen company got a bit bogged down with jobs I think.
Anyway, your tiles look stunning, I am over the moon with them. They have certainly given my kitchen the wow factor.
Thank you so much for the help you gave me and giving me the talking point I was seeking.
Dear Ian,
Please see the attached pictures of the mural now it has been fitted into our new kitchen.
I will also send you a further picture.
With kind regards
Hi Ian,
Photo for your gallery, as promised. I love it! Regards, Di

Hi Ian, 
It’s taken some time but I’m nearing completion of my bathroom renovation- All I need now is a mirror fitted and some towels 🙂
Here’s a pic of the bathroom somewhat finished.
The Mural is absolutely beautiful 😍 Thanks again for having such a skill!!!
Kindest regards Uforma

Hello Ian.
Well here we are.. the finished mural behind my oven.
It took a long time as the kitchen was very problematic.
The whole project took far longer than expected because of building and various other nightmares which occurred.
Thankfully the kitchen looks fabulous now. I’ve just got a million boxes to unpack and sort now that Xmas is over. It’s a mixture of French farmhouse and industrial.
Happy new year Carla
Hi Ian, the tiles look stunning, despite my inept work on the surrounding tiles.
Fortunately my wife calls that rustic charm!
Photos attached. Feel free to use them promotionally if you wish, though the tiles are better in real life than the photos.
I’ll write some reviews, because we are both very happen indeed. I’ve also added a pic which shows the overall kitchen before and after. Thanks, Barry